The Last Suffragette

She dropped a ball and forgot to catch the others

They say she’s crazy, you must stay away

A woman who owns an opinion is dangerous

Especially if she only shares it with herself

Muttering coherent truths no man wants to hear

They pushed her outside of town so her ideas can’t spread

Like her issues are as contagious as a cold

That the sparks she speaks will wipe out an empire

Just goes to show how modern we compare to the Aztecs

The only illness that is infectious is cold hard cash

And just as they warned it only goes to the sick

The ones that lord over the ants building the nest

For a Queen in every segregated block of serfs

So say what you like about crazy Kay, she’s just like you and me

She’s only trying to make it through another day

Bites her tongue for some peace and quiet

And waits for the ones who can bear to hear it.

Little Ginge x


Lack Of Space

I hate packing to go anywhere

It’s the extreme players game of Tetris

And I’d rather sit and sulk like a child

Stare at my suitcase willing it to assemble itself

Bypass space saving solutions I’ve yet to pick up

Sometimes the amount I’m trying to pack

Is so disproportionate to the space allotted

I sit and laugh because it’s insane to even try

But I always do and sometimes I win

Other times I’ll convince myself I can live

Without this, that, and the other

Things my life revolves around any normal day

So when I reach my new destination

I realise its true necessity

And berate myself for not packing it

Some people would like their own driver or chef

I’d much rather have my own clothes folder

An assembler of debris or head of stuffing

Yes I hate packing to go anywhere

But the views I see are worth packing for.

Little Ginge x

Brotherly Love

Dear Brother,

Where is the boy I played childish games with?

I played robber, you played cop

I was the bandit with the flaw for honesty

And you were a cop with a taste for perks

You even had a thirst for bruises then

As long as they were not your own

So what happened, I’m trying to understand.

Condescending Do-Gooder.

Dear Brother,

Do not try your lawyer talk with me

They read every single word I write

The way I remember our childhood is

A power game based on affection

Doled out by a tired woman with no time

To be a mother; nothing’s changed

Self-defence; ’bout time you heard my plea.

Wrongly Indicted.

Little Ginge x

Pages Of A Man

Walk through walls

Door goes crick-craw

Bellowing out your presence

To the ones you visited before

It all became a nightmare

Keys disappear from the bowl

They now rattle in the top drawer

Playing games just like you used to

Seems some things haven’t changed since

It all became a nightmare

Except the beds lost its shape

The smell of tobacco is vanishing

Fading reminders of your being

Soon you’ll become a memorable chapter

Simply called ‘the nightmare’.

Little Ginge x


For as long I can remember

I’ve been told I’m funny

Yet when I try to tell a proper joke

I always mess it up

They say I’m daft

But I think they find my life so sad

It adds up to be something humorous

I can’t make them laugh on command

I’m the opposite of a clown

With my sarcastic banter

And straight faced one liners

I’d be the depressed one in a sitcom

My unstoppable love for puns

Has made my irony

A gift for the masses

But usually I say these things

And then wonder why others giggle

No I don’t believe I’m funny

I’m just your kind of silly.

Little Ginge x

Easy Breathing

There’s a storm brewing

Can you feel it?

All the negativity in the world

Has balled up into a fist

And is heading for our ribs

The lift doors will close

And you’ll be left there

Struggling to breathe

Because with every breath

Of oxygen we take in

We also inhale the travesties

From the generations

That came before us

The unnecessary wars

And hateful laws

The knowledge of your

Grandma’s secret choc drawer

But when you exhale

These facts become history

Your body cleanses them

Because we all possess nice thoughts

And the ones who are pure of soul

Scrub down these pretences

And clear the pessimism from the air

So the next time you take a good lungful

Just remember that someone took the hurt

And blew it all away.

Little Ginge x


The distance lessens through a phone line

But the neighbours TV interferes with reception

It infuriates me so much because they’re included

In a moment they weren’t invited to

It stops me saying all the things I’ve been meaning to

And instead we discuss the mundane

I hang up and I realise we said nothing of importance

The miles between us becomes apparent once more

And I’m back to square one

Missing you and not quite having the guts to say it.

Little Ginge x


Stark, uncompromising, bleak

A beauty hidden from the sea

In the midst the of a battle

Fought with words not weapons

Harsh, ruthless, austere

Splendour amongst the trees

Map lines redesign the boundaries

Unacknowledged by the livestock

Barren, challenging, desolate

The magnificence lies in the breeze

A widow races after her shroud

Wondering what is happening to her vale.

Little Ginge x

Mr & Mrs Cake Topper

Hand painted with loving fingers

The most exquisite couple you’ve ever seen

Placed on a pedestal for the universe to adore

And boy were they beautiful

When they danced the world cavorted with them

Whirling and twirling into oblivion

Then suddenly they had to stop and reassess

Realise that life couldn’t just be one big party

Someone had to clean up the overflowing

Group of flutes the bride created

Unbeknownst to her someone was keeping count

And so the groom took his knife and made the first incision;

The drinking had to stop; things had to change

She tried her best and he reformed too

Came away from the office once in a while

And did his share of the chores

Both carved chunks their lives to create joint happiness

And compromise became a word that was slowly despised

They grew to resent each other

Avoid one another in a way only small spaces allow

Talk of separate rooms, maybe even separate houses

But one day, he fell. A long way.

It was all she could do the watch from her precarious position

Her anger disappeared; sickness has that effect

She prayed from the top of her ivory tower

That this was just a blip, a minor thing

She doesn’t remember how he came to be in the box

But she felt so lonely up there at the top

Didn’t cope well with grief and she followed not soon after

Placed side by side in the box for all of time

A perfect image of everlasting love.

Little Ginge x

Musical Breakdown

We bonded over questionable lyrics and rousing chants

The type of music a hash pipe is passed along to

A shared love of rough guitars and a husky voice

Usually the cause of the plants we’re rolling

But I’ve started to look longingly at other records

You stick to the favourites and I find new blood

Just like the best bands we’re starting to drift apart

Listening to others; a my taste is better than yours war

We need to accept this and leave the dials on the radio alone

Realise that the choice of words I surround myself with mean something

A connection that differs to yours; not a cause for upset.

Little Ginge x