The End

I was going to be a poet

I was going to write our story

I was going to write so many things

But then the tears stopped flowing.

Little Ginge x



I wish we talked

I wish we’d fought

I wish you’d ripped the pages

of our story all apart

I hoped we’d try

I hoped deep down you’d cry

I hoped for many things

but never this

I dreamed of us

I dreamed of trust

I dreamed we could work through

the issues behind that kiss

I prayed I’d be enough

I prayed you wouldn’t take your stuff

I prayed she’d leave you

but it was not meant to be.

Little Ginge x

He Let Go

He held her with the same regard

That a child has for a balloon

Holding tightly with the willpower and strength

Of an oxen ready to charge

Until suddenly, the rage left

His fingers released and she was gone

Floating high above towards the clouds

In mute horror and shock

Despairing in her loneliness.

Little Ginge x

Textbook Mistake

The textbooks said that you would come back

Like a rubber band, you had to be stretched

I pulled and pulled till the elastic went slack

But they were wrong and my heart is wrecked.

Little Ginge x

Broken Melody

I keep listening to your song
The one that should’ve been mine
A melody which breaks my heart
And soothes my soul all at once

The lyrics mean so much to her
Exactly what you promised
Incarnated in rhythm and blues
Reminding her to stick it out

Whenever you hear your song
The one destined for me
It makes you think of sadder times

And the ring you bought for her.


Little Ginge x

Still Here

Winter always winds around too fast
And the treasure is always found much too soon
Yet when I wait for the right moment
I’m always much too late

The river carved a canyon
A dormant volcano destroyed a village
Before I had the courage to say
We have something good here

The regrets were first out of the gate though
A false start for a sprint
You didn’t think to pause either
Just took her hand and ran with it

It’s a bittersweet smile for you

But it’s still here if you need it.

Little Ginge x


When he cups your breast
Whilst thinking of her

When you ask for it shaken
And he gives it a stir

That’s how I know for certain
That life’s unfair.

Little Ginge x

Times To Quit Or Miss

Let me remain if only
in the laugh lines on your face

Let me go when
I bring moisture to your eyes

Let me exist if only
in a memory of the rain

Let me leave when
my name brings no smiles

Let me stay if only
in the scars that burn your lips

Let me make my way when

you need to walk a different path.

Little Ginge x