Driving 101

Direction is a straight forward concept
Two options to learn, four in my brain
For those of us who are annoyingly challenged
With the lefts and the rights, the daily plight
You’ll get there, don’t worry, but just remember

Keep your hands on the wheel.

Little Ginge x



I knew how to be your friend
The duties of the job were clear to me
Before we added prefixes like ‘girl’
I thought of you differently

Your arms are a fortress
I cannot escape
Before they had a gate with a latch
I could go as I pleased

Now the fence has been fortified
The electric stings me when I go too far
Before you trusted me with freedom
I used to thank you for that

The trap shows no signs of crumbling
As strong as a prison
Before I had no need to tell you that

I, my friend can fly.

Little Ginge x


The most hurtful lies are the ones
you knew to already be true
When he said that he loved me
and yet he chose you
And they were cemented
right here in Bruges.

Little Ginge x

Science Project #7

All we do is prove to some outside force that we exist
Here we are. Visit us.
We’ll greet you with guns and fear.

But what if they don’t exist?
Maybe we’re alone.
Those small things on Mars, were just that. Small.

So forgive me if I don’t clap for the tallest storey on your creation.
A creation made by a creation.

Because reductively we’re just mould on a science project.

Little Ginge x

50 Million Shades Of Grey

We think in shades of grey
A bad side to every good

The most hateful thoughts would print as purest black
Like when you wished your mother dead

The scale lightens to elephant grey
Where grief allows the occasional suicidal wish

A thunderstorm off white are the bad day thoughts
It’s just not your day cause you missed your bus and forgot your lunch

But consider the other end of the scale
Where happiness gets a fleeting glance

Cream is the fluttering of young love
Tinged with jealousy as he talks too long to the coffee girl

White is when you realise you love him
Or hold your baby for the first time

White are just thoughts you think when you’re happy

Black thoughts dressed for a wedding.

Little Ginge x