Christian Grey Holds No Sway

I don’t want butterflies, I want calm

To crest still waters in a rowing boat

Gently toing back and froing back to shores

The oars tucked safely in the hull

I don’t want theatrics, I want a Sunday night routine

Hot chocolate and a tame film

Packed lunches nestling neatly in the fridge

Alarms set for the Monday doom ahead

I don’t want an action man, I want you

A man who threatens to use his fists but politely nods instead

Who needs two pairs of socks come November snows

Who doesn’t feel belittled when I’m not opening my legs.


Little Ginge x


A Sitting Duck

Arrogance personified

No surprises his colour was orange

Loud, proud and a warning signal

The forked tongue another

Nobody saw the pointed tail,

tucked down the seat of his pants

Nor the curved horns underneath

a crop of candyfloss hair

But only those who would listen

could hear his rallying cry,

‘Send your sons and daughters to slaughter,

for my ego has forged a battlefield,

and the words I spoke with my sword,

created a hole your sacrifice will fix’

His minions rejoiced perched up high,

on an imaginary wall built from deceit,

brick by brick, lie by lie,

crumbling from the inside.

Little Ginge x


This is a record of my life

And sadly, every word is for you

Yet you’re not mine

Just as the song suggests

You were too much of a good thing

A dessert for every moment

I’ve always had a sweet tooth

And carried a few extra pounds

In this case it was you

So I brought you along for the ride

I dragged you along

Adding bits to you along the way

Like a bag of candy to the counter

Only to be told I couldn’t pay the price

But I wouldn’t pick bits to be tossed

I wanted the whole bag

So they snatched you away

And put you back piece by piece

You’re the pudding I never got

A taste I can only dream of

The sweet taste of candy

Melting on my tongue.

Little Ginge x


He pushes every button

Except the ones he should

Making every conceivable mistake

In a quest to win her heart

It is not the way, faulty prince

He winds her up like a clock

But in the opposite direction

The countdown to fury begins

It is an explosion he is after

Of a very different sort

He dances across her nerves

As skilfully as a performer

Unaware of the trip wire lurking

With expectations to win her trust

By pressing the detonator.

Little Ginge x

The Thief

He knew he was a thief

He’d filched all his life

Taken all that wasn’t his

and led a life of deceit

Sweets from the pick and mix

Leaves from the reach of his pushchair

Toys he felt he needed and

ones he really didn’t

Collectibles that were duplicates

Petty cash from family members

Even one or two virginities

poached with a chastened kiss

and jobs just for a laugh

But he’d really gone and done it this time

He had stolen her heart

and that was something you couldn’t return

No matter how hard you try.

Little Ginge x


He died from natural causes

For taking one too many pauses

He sat a while and thought

Like a fly in a web; caught

Had he lived his whole life wrong?

Never occurred to him to bring someone along

There was a girl that he benched

And he left her heart wrenched

Then he just keeled over

Dying in a patch of clover.

Little Ginge x

Little Bird

Little bird flew away

to return another day

Soaring towards the light

never did she say goodnight

Little bird sang a song

and gathered quite a throng

A melody with notes so pure

it left listeners most unsure

Little bird came back

now with feathers jet black

Turned out distance was the answer

but they were no longer taking chances.

Little Ginge x

Tale As Old As Time

Venus ruled your very nature

Mirrored your desires perfectly

But always out of reach

She was a siren summoned

Calling you to her grasp

With every note she sang

Medusa’s eyes couldn’t meet your own

Lest she gave away all her intentions

And turned your heart to stone

Aphrodite warmed your soul

Stoked the fires of your lust

Extinguished them just as fast

Narcissa loved your photo

Merely for its glassy frame

And the reflection you painted of her

But Helena’s love was fierce as war

With a face to win every conquest

And a penchant for sinking feelings.

Little Ginge x

Ode To Hunger

Ethereal and haunting

The lonely light in the fridge

Crammed and captivating

Cupboards in the rafters

Intriguing and bursting

The waste is fit to flow

Secret and inviting

The hidden stash of gluttony

Round and beguiling

Starving child of Africa.

Little Ginge x