Saving Grace

He only did one thing for love
After all the acts of torment
and suffering he put you through

He left.


Little Ginge x


If You’re Unsure

Leave the words alone
Leave the stones unturned
Leave the wounds unpicked
let the scratching go unitched

Leave that moment alone
but stay here by my side

Don’t mull it all over
Don’t read too much into it
Don’t bite your nails
right down to the quick

Don’t pretend it was something it was not
but instead as something that’s all we’ve got

Overplay the moment
Overplay the dramatics of it
Overplay the sweetness of my fingers
brushing lightly across your cheek

Overplay my words round and round your head
so you’ll know how I truly felt

if you’re unsure.

Little Ginge x

Head Of A Communist

When you are born with hair of communist connotations
You will always be aware of difference
Some acknowledge it as a positive thing
More often than not; discouraged
My critics were unsure how my barnet affected my personality
Was I more fun?
To be regarded as more intelligent?
Without results; it was filed under ‘other’
Dangerous; and shunned
An open defiance of cultural norms to be stopped
But I see no difference
Instead I see a gap in the market I can fulfil
I may have the head of a communist
Which treated with care is no bad thing
But I have the heart of a liberal

And together they’ll break down your walls.


Little Ginge x


The guitar twitches
Scratching the itch I can’t
Already moving on
For the niggle at the base of my neck to return
A thought I can’t banish
Actions with no payoff
Words with no meaning
Frustration lays before me
In a criss cross pattern
Of backstreets and alleys I know intimately
But they have an allure
Akin to a stale lover
Been there, done that
Let me drive off the map page

But first, change the song.

Little Ginge x