Little Bird

Little bird flew away

to return another day

Soaring towards the light

never did she say goodnight

Little bird sang a song

and gathered quite a throng

A melody with notes so pure

it left listeners most unsure

Little bird came back

now with feathers jet black

Turned out distance was the answer

but they were no longer taking chances.

Little Ginge x


Old Friend

-This poem was not written to upset or cause offence to anyone, neither was it meant to harm or act as a trigger. Please feel free to use the information below if know someone who may benefit from it’s use.


Dear Death,

Today I thought of you. I miss you, but we shouldn’t be together, people keep us apart for a reason. They tell me I have a purpose, I just need to find it. I think my purpose is to meet you. Let’s face it we were all born to die. Maybe I was born to do nothing more but make a friend that is shunned by most others. Spoken about in metaphors and rarely given their proper title. Please stay in touch.

Dear Death,

I’ve been told to stop writing to you, that I’ve formed an unhealthy obsession to our friendship. But it wouldn’t be a friendship if I didn’t value it, would it? They took away the blade you gave me, but it wasn’t their gift to take, don’t worry I’ll replace it. Keep writing.

Dear Death,

They tell me that I can’t be depressed, as I would feel numb if I were, but all I want to do is stop being a burden to everyone. Why do I feel ashamed to be desired by anyone? Feel my flesh crawl at the thought of their hands on my skin no matter how much I ache for that contact. I feel you have the answers, lets meet. Soon.

P.S. I’m on my way.


Little Ginge x


The boy who could never make a move
And the girl who never got to be told
Weren’t the heroes of a love story;

The woman who never spoke up
And the man who let it slide by
Did not start a revolution;

The guy who put down the paintbrush
And the gal that never finished the book
Failed to change the world;

The child who died in flames
And the adult that grieved in vain

Only ever lived in regret.

Little Ginge x

Last Lover

We danced until three
The last you saw of me
Didn’t know that my life was planned
Marked out by a steady hand

A tacograph for the ages
Of a love that filled the pages
Marking the highs and lows
Joys and cruel blows

Glass of gin in one
Beau on the other arm
My mother wouldn’t succumb
She saw straight through his charm

Pity I could not
Ignored all her words
Important dates weren’t all he forgot
His manners became the curse

Two kids and a divorce
He moved on far too quickly
And my bitterness only got worse
His smoothness verging on sickly

I met you in the twilight
The waning years of our lives
Far too soon we said goodnight
And still our love survives

I still wonder about fate
And the horrible way it tries
To teach us a lesson far too late
That truths are often disguised as lies.

Little Ginge x

Fragile Strings

I saw the world in monotonous grey
With only a muted line of red to break the sway
It looped from around my finger to who knows where
I was yet to find out it was the girl from my prayers

Once or twice I looped the string around another’s neck
To test the colour, see if I liked its effect
And in these instances I pulled too hard
Knotted the line, broke my lovers into shards

One day I was walking, the string trailing limp
Crossed paths who the one who made me think
Greys melted away to shades of gold
A whirlwind romance, to have and to hold

I found out to my cost that life zooms past too fast
But we were happy, no anger at coming last
That day from a distance I felt the string go slack

And in the same instance my life plunged back into black.

Little Ginge x

A Bad Fetch

I dreamed of blue skies and canine friends that lived forever
In return I received dark clouds and a grief that never heals
The pooch deserved to live on, past his seventeen years
But instead he died, as they must, and so came the tears
And now we have others, and I love them, I do

But you caught balls, and they just run.

Little Ginge x

Comfort In Darkness

Ascend in height
Towards translucent sky
Arching up above like a bow
Tying everything neatly together
You prepare to strike
Your pale fingers reaching
To feel a long lost one
Embrace their cold touch
Death becomes you dear
Engulfing you like flames
Warm; akin to a hug
Consuming you gently
Until the eyes flutter open
The madness melting away
Another breath taken

The darkness stolen by day.


Little Ginge x


He walked ten paces to reach the war
Already there when he closed the door

The children cry to get to sleep
They enact the feelings I’ve buried deep

The war still goes on outside these walls
But my lover won’t be making any calls

They dug a hole deep foot six

And laid my heart to rest in bits.


Little Ginge x

Beautiful Dirge

How can two notes create flames?
Fire that purges my very heart of love
Till it leaves only rage behind
How can a melody have such power?
To make me weep so uncontrollably
Till I’m gasping not only for air but justice
How can beautiful lyrics be linked to such vengeance?
These innocent words mean devastation to me
That I can’t bear to imagine anymore
Because I wasn’t there, no-one was
Only you suffered that pain, bore the brunt of anger
Your dreams and ambitions burned away
Never to be realised and never to be shared
And how selfish of me to wonder such silly things like
What was your ritual for the shower?
Did you stand to wash your feet and balance?
Or sat down and did the logical thing?
It tortures me to know that only you know these truths
And that they lived and died with you
Knowing that I can only ponder as to their accuracy
They buried your body to that song
The one whose tune I can no longer listen to
But it’s the only one I want to
I want to be able to revel in my misery like humans do
Because to move on is to leave you stuck in the past
But to grieve forever keeps you with me
Let’s you share my moments, my firsts

To give you a life that you lost.


Little Ginge x