Textbook Mistake

The textbooks said that you would come back

Like a rubber band, you had to be stretched

I pulled and pulled till the elastic went slack

But they were wrong and my heart is wrecked.

Little Ginge x


All Mine

My smile can raise his cock
And my laugh can make him tease me
I pity you for thinking
That your hair is what he misses
When it is me that he kisses

My jokes can tickle his sides
And my tears can create a blanket fort
How silly of you to presume
That your eyelashes will make him stay
When I’m the girl who takes the pain away

My sighs can raise his temper
And my apologies bring him back
I really think you should move on
Found someone else to entice
Because he will never pay the price.


Little Ginge x


Only the voice was hers
The words were all theirs
Poor old Marion had been led
To believe in false views

It was not her fault

They taught her right from wrong
The opposite way around
Poor old Marion knew of no colour
She only saw the world in greyscale

That was all their fault

Their ignorance she replicated
Time and time again
Poor old Marion spoke such hate
Her outdated thoughts brought no love

And that was all her fault.

To spout such hate you must deny love
Then the name bigot fits like a glove.


Little Ginge x

Dear You

Dear you,

Creator of swollen lips
And lightly brushing fingertips

Maker of salty tears
And awakener of childhood fears

Inventor of the gentle caress
And sultan of a torn up dress

Pioneer of the broken plate
And ruiner of our destined fate

Discoverer of the unfound freckle
And laughter in a well meant heckle

Author of a grieving heart
And the tearing of our lives apart

Founder of a stolen kiss
And architect of momentary bliss

Wrecker always in a guise
And living in a house of lies

Yes, dear you,
The pillager that shattered me
And the lover that set me free.


Little Ginge x

How We Love

He says he loves me
When he wishes me a safe journey
And packs my charger in my bag
So I don’t forget

I say I love him
When I tell him to go for it
To trust his gut and pick the girl
I could never be

He says he loves me
When he de-ices the car
And warms it up nicely
So I am not cold

I say I love him
When I pull his writings apart
Forcing him to rewrite
And push himself to improve

He says he loves me
In the little things he does
I say I love him
By letting someone else be the one.


Little Ginge x