Runaway Kisses

Well-worn tracks
My old friends
Pounded tarmac
Beneath the wheels

The air whispers Route 66
Tells me, it ceased to exist
I grit my teeth
And push the pedal
It’s here I say, it’s here
But only if you believe

Who needs the signs?
When memories flow through
the air conditioning?
I remember a lost love
Who never came to this country
Let alone drove this road
But he did taste these lips

The ones that smile on 66.


Little Ginge x


Third Wheel

It should be simple to tell someone that you like them
Maybe even love them, given half the chance
Say it outright without fear that you think they’re a gem
Gift a box of chocolates; you’re just full of that romance
Enact out all of the clichés; adoration with the novelty
Have sex in the kitchen, a foot rub gone awry
Carve your names on a tree proving your monogamy
Say cheesy things like ‘you’re the apple of my eye’
And although I roll my eyes and laugh with derision
Secretly I’m jealous of all the schmaltzy crap you get to do
So when I threaten your boyfriend with circumcision

Just say ‘I love you too’ and leave me feeling blue.



Little Ginge x

Passing Fancies

You tested me on my knowledge of the world and all its placements
Found much to displease you
The second time we met, I was prepared
And we spent the night testing one another like schoolchildren
I had done it to boost my own ego;
Prove myself to be an advanced homo sapiens
But you were fascinated by my tenacity and need to be correct
Others call this compulsion a psychosis
You thought it was sweet
And I let you.


You were the first boy to ever kiss my lips by choice
No force required
Though you needed a label for us, constant affirmation
That I would be there at the end of the day
To rise with you at dawn and never let your heart break
It was a promise I was too carefree to make, so I let you go
You seem happier now
The new girl can be all the things I wasn’t ready to
Say all the words I wouldn’t
And I’m happy for you.


You have always been my best friend with a quick quip
An easy laugh
Who keeps my feet firmly on the floor
You’re the limb I didn’t know I needed
The arm that sits spiritually around my shoulders
I’m not as strong as you and I’m sorry
That I complicated matters made it harder than it needed to be
But I’m also glad that I was brave for once and got to know
The greatest friend a girl could ever have
I’ll always love you, in the right way.


You were the first boy ever to remain in my conscious
The condition they call infatuation
And I would have sold my soul to be the girl on your arm
The only one you sent late night texts to
But instead I was indistinguishable from the guys
My adoration something to be afraid of
Of course now I can see it was lust not love
But it doesn’t heal the scars
That your knife of bitter reality cut into my delusions
Yet I thank you for your cruelty.


You’re the reason green is my favourite colour
Those eyes like shamrocks
Became the only shade of iris I wanted to stare into
So insane with longing
It wouldn’t have mattered whether the light still remained
Or disappeared into the night sky long before
I only wanted those eyes to return the affection
Had no use for your lips or your hands
They didn’t speak the truths I needed
I still crave that gaze.


These are the boys I have loved and hold in high regard
The ones who came before the men
The ones I hope never grow up and remain a memory
I can look upon fondly on my deathbed
My five Peter Pan’s to which I can always play Wendy
So I can always let the men be the Tarzan to my primal goddess
Because I have no use for boys anymore
But we women do like to play with our toys
The ones that remind us of who we were;

Fragile little girls who liked to fall in love.



Little Ginge x

Addictive Abuse

You think you’re just a moon, and he’s your earth
Refusing to see that you shine bright like the sun
You’re the one with the magnetic personality
All the sheep flock to
A wonderful illusion
Fitting perfectly with their plan
When will you see that you glimmer so delightfully?
That they put you under a spell from which you can’t wake up?
Akin to sleeping beauty; passive like the waves
Lapping against the shoreline back and forth
Controlled by a domineering orb
Just like your twisted bond
It’s difficult to see who’s the earth, who’s the moon
From an outsiders perspective
But from whichever angle; unhealthy
Who has all the power?
For there is no give and take
Merely games of the mind
Resulting in damaged pride and wounded egos
And just like your fairytale’s romance dictates
I wish to prick you awake from comfy slumber
With a needle laced with the sharp edge of reality
So you can see that this is not love, but war
And you’re losing, just liked they planned
But only your true love can break the curse
And it is neither them or me
So sit tight, and wait for your prince to come
And hope that when he does
You’ll see what you’ve been missing

But I fear you’ll keep your eyes shut to the truth.



Little Ginge x


You stole them, you lied
My confidences returned
In a disgusting platonic form
Pitiful; I have already forgiven

Your treachery, manipulation
Refuses to budge
The anger remains
Blossoming like a bud

I despise your alter ego
You meant so much
And now I cannot love you
Whilst disallowed to hate

This sudden burst of rage
Is long overdue
Why treat me like the ‘one’?
I don’t even come second

This ‘freedom’ you granted me
Comes with many restrictions
You say you love me, like a sister
The affection stings more than a blister

I must now update; find version 2.0
They’ll never replace you
But they will surpass you
They will love me in return, oh I can dream.


Little Ginge x