The birds twitter utter nonsense to you and I
And yes all their messages are lost to the sky
They chirp and tweet whenever they greet
Conversing as the sun and land meet
And in life there is no greater song

But it is always better not to sing along.

Little Ginge x


Boy Next Door

The grass was greener on the other side
He watered the lawn three times weekly
The sun shone brighter on the other side
Light no longer obscured by his conifers
Your mother kept you on the other side

And you never did cross the boundary line.

Little Ginge x

A Bad Fetch

I dreamed of blue skies and canine friends that lived forever
In return I received dark clouds and a grief that never heals
The pooch deserved to live on, past his seventeen years
But instead he died, as they must, and so came the tears
And now we have others, and I love them, I do

But you caught balls, and they just run.

Little Ginge x

Best of the Worst

Weather is brave, uncompromising and equal
It’s cloud of confusion will swallow you up
And it’s cold fury will stop you in your tracks
It’s optimism will try to kill you given the chance
And it’s tears will ruin anything you spent time on
I won’t discuss the damage sighing can do
Weather is everything we aspire to be
Taking no-one’s BS; the epitome of undiscriminating
But it’s never stopped us complaining
Looks like even the best can’t win.

Little Ginge x