A Sitting Duck

Arrogance personified

No surprises his colour was orange

Loud, proud and a warning signal

The forked tongue another

Nobody saw the pointed tail,

tucked down the seat of his pants

Nor the curved horns underneath

a crop of candyfloss hair

But only those who would listen

could hear his rallying cry,

‘Send your sons and daughters to slaughter,

for my ego has forged a battlefield,

and the words I spoke with my sword,

created a hole your sacrifice will fix’

His minions rejoiced perched up high,

on an imaginary wall built from deceit,

brick by brick, lie by lie,

crumbling from the inside.

Little Ginge x



First things first, hello and welcome to all my new followers!

You may have noticed that I’ve been a little quiet recently and that’s because I’m preparing to go inter-railing around Europe and preparation took over my life. This next poem will the only poem posted this August and I hope to be back on track in September.

Hope you all have a great summer and thank you for your patience and support.

Little Ginge x


I’ve been writing all my life and I’ve decided to share my words to see if I have a POV others want to hear, or give it up and get a job at McDonald’s. At the moment I’m writing a lot of poetry because whilst I’m in my last year at university it’s all I have time to write. However I’m planning on writing a novel (such a cliche I know), and I write short stories (short being the operative word, I like a challenge of 50 word stories),  and scripts because I’m currently studying screenwriting and film. I’m also hoping to start traveling in a few years and I’ll document my adventures hopefully with the odd photo if I can master taking pictures that aren’t blurry. The only other form I write in are newspaper columns inspired by a successful Guardian columnist Guy Browning who is the reason I write in the first place. He wrote a hilarious column for ten years instructing people in their everyday life, it’s all in the online archives and strongly recommend taking a look, or if like me you become a huge fan, buy the books. They never ever get boring.

ImageWell that’s the hello’s done, now for the writing!

Little Ginge x