Two Loves

Sometimes a word just hangs there
Like an email drifting in cyberspace
Or the moment after a missile launches
A choice yet to be consequenced

Other times it’s too sudden
Like the moment the bacon hits the oil
A match igniting into life
They cannot be controlled quickly enough

One word alone can spark the two reactions simultaneously
‘I love you’ he says
My stomach drops, this is it
But I’m not ready to drop the ‘L’ bomb myself
‘Iā€¦love you too’
The words were said immediately
But the pause spoke volumes

The words both hung and fell.


Little Ginge x


Oedipus Complex/ Just Like My Mother

Meant as a compliment, I know
You didn’t think it through though
And I love her, I truly do

I just wish you wouldn’t compare the two.


Little Ginge x


He walked ten paces to reach the war
Already there when he closed the door

The children cry to get to sleep
They enact the feelings I’ve buried deep

The war still goes on outside these walls
But my lover won’t be making any calls

They dug a hole deep foot six

And laid my heart to rest in bits.


Little Ginge x

Cut From The Same Shade

Copper glimmers just like it’s element
Only those who dare and possess Gollum- like qualities
Dare retrieve this rare gem
More often she’s left on the shelf

Auburn is the dark mistress of the coiffure
Mysterious, neither red nor brown
Yet still with shimmering streaks of sunlight
Her unknowns dangerous

Orange is much too bright
She doesn’t blend in, difficult to hide
Unpredictable, a glorious shade of lunacy
The fire straight from the dragon’s belly

Whereas strawberry is the tip of the flame
The spark that catches before
The full ferocious velocity of its sisters

The bit that devours every scrap.

Little Ginge x