I’ve said some things
that I can never take back
I’ve led people to believe
in a false version of me;

You’ve seen all my faces
more than any other player
You know all the stunts I pull
and developed your own counter moves;

We think we know each other well
but you know nothing truly
We only understand the sides we’ve shown

and I have many facets to go.


Little Ginge x



Don’t tell me you don’t have expectations
We have hopes and thought about outcomes for everything
What portion of the salad you will actually eat;
How much you will be dissatisfied with the perfect job;
Hope that we will have at least kissed by the end of the night.
Our dreams differ

I wish for you to truly hear me
You only wish to touch me

So I nudged you towards her
Because you’re worthy of so much love

But I’m not the girl to give it to you.

Little Ginge x