The Big Question

How long is my piece of string?
Will I see the sights I long for?
Or will I regret everything?

Always wishing I’d done more.


Little Ginge x


Abstract Thinking

Curiosity leaned against the tree
Peering across the yard
Through the glass Subtlety paints
A delicately shaded masterpiece


Curiosity was drawn to the image
And peeked in through the window
He wished he could know more
Of the girl who seemed to understand
When charcoal needed water
And when the black was black enough


But Curiosity possessed no bravery
And withdrew once more to his post
Subtlety cleaned up quietly and left

Unnoticed except for one.



Little Ginge x

Touching Distance

Freedom has never seemed so inviting
Trapped inside whilst the sun shines brightly
North, East, South or West
With fresh air, there’s no contest
But I must type from dawn till dark
Before I am allowed to lark
If I push I’ll soon be done
And it’ll be my time in the sun.


Little Ginge x


Blood In The Water

Trickles; seeping into every pore
No gap left unfilled
Concrete of the nicest kind
Proving that affections can be cut
with the right kind of knife
Words, actions, misinterpreted trust
Smears like paint
Smell; just as potent
Blood can’t be cut
merely separated
Ready to rebuild from the dregs
or mix anew

Family is strong
but to see blood
means an act of violence
Family means war
an endeavour that
tears bonds apart
Family is weak
but I’d be anaemic
without mine

I pick the covenant
because it is more colourful
than water of the womb
and colour means life

which I choose.


Little Ginge x

Beautiful Dirge

How can two notes create flames?
Fire that purges my very heart of love
Till it leaves only rage behind
How can a melody have such power?
To make me weep so uncontrollably
Till I’m gasping not only for air but justice
How can beautiful lyrics be linked to such vengeance?
These innocent words mean devastation to me
That I can’t bear to imagine anymore
Because I wasn’t there, no-one was
Only you suffered that pain, bore the brunt of anger
Your dreams and ambitions burned away
Never to be realised and never to be shared
And how selfish of me to wonder such silly things like
What was your ritual for the shower?
Did you stand to wash your feet and balance?
Or sat down and did the logical thing?
It tortures me to know that only you know these truths
And that they lived and died with you
Knowing that I can only ponder as to their accuracy
They buried your body to that song
The one whose tune I can no longer listen to
But it’s the only one I want to
I want to be able to revel in my misery like humans do
Because to move on is to leave you stuck in the past
But to grieve forever keeps you with me
Let’s you share my moments, my firsts

To give you a life that you lost.


Little Ginge x

To The New Gods

Your moans reached a falsetto
Higher and higher
Before peaking
Just like the flushed
Ripe fruits that sit atop
Your breasts
Small and imperfect
Just the way I like them


Reaching towards the ceiling
Arching for release
From such sweet torture
I inflict between your thighs
An extension of the animal within
Resulting in pure ecstasy

You part for me like the harbour
And crash just like a wave
As you find the liberation
You were aiming for
And the atheist within you
Signed up temporarily
To gods you had no other need for


Yet in your brief subscription
They made you happier
Than I’d ever seen
Bringing a big wide smile
To your lips
And a blush that formed

Anywhere my fingers burned you.


Little Ginge x

The Yes Party

You warned me if I didn’t go I’d be square
And I found out to my cost that life’s unfair
I assumed it to be just a simple cruel jest
But there is a punishment for rejecting the zest
The offers that reject the mundane, promise fun
Breaks that come from befriending a lover of puns
They should be accepted no matter the drawbacks
As pure enjoyment papers over the cracks
The gaps that arise in your everyday life
Which widen further with the ongoing strife
So stop saying no to all the things I suggest

And instead introduce yourself to the word yes.


Little Ginge x

Favourite Sore

We’ve fought, we’ve bickered
At every failure; snickered
Took the good with the tough
The smooth with the rough
Some words were saddening
Others were maddening
The silent judge
Without a grudge
Bittersweet connection
Unlimited affection
The un-poppable blister

Is you, my sister.



Little Ginge x