The Last Suffragette

She dropped a ball and forgot to catch the others

They say she’s crazy, you must stay away

A woman who owns an opinion is dangerous

Especially if she only shares it with herself

Muttering coherent truths no man wants to hear

They pushed her outside of town so her ideas can’t spread

Like her issues are as contagious as a cold

That the sparks she speaks will wipe out an empire

Just goes to show how modern we compare to the Aztecs

The only illness that is infectious is cold hard cash

And just as they warned it only goes to the sick

The ones that lord over the ants building the nest

For a Queen in every segregated block of serfs

So say what you like about crazy Kay, she’s just like you and me

She’s only trying to make it through another day

Bites her tongue for some peace and quiet

And waits for the ones who can bear to hear it.

Little Ginge x


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