Cards Don’t Lie

I couldn’t grasp it right away

Something blocked my path

It made no sense for those two placements

The cards should’ve been reversed

Why would I eschew, all that others crave and desire?

Family, stability and traditional values

All pushed aside in favour of, infidelity and adultery

It didn’t become clear until I thought of you

The reason I hope for treachery and betrayal

For my love to be deceptive

Is that I’m wishing for somebody else’s man.

Little Ginge x


Tale As Old As Time

Venus ruled your very nature

Mirrored your desires perfectly

But always out of reach

She was a siren summoned

Calling you to her grasp

With every note she sang

Medusa’s eyes couldn’t meet your own

Lest she gave away all her intentions

And turned your heart to stone

Aphrodite warmed your soul

Stoked the fires of your lust

Extinguished them just as fast

Narcissa loved your photo

Merely for its glassy frame

And the reflection you painted of her

But Helena’s love was fierce as war

With a face to win every conquest

And a penchant for sinking feelings.

Little Ginge x


I wish we talked

I wish we’d fought

I wish you’d ripped the pages

of our story all apart

I hoped we’d try

I hoped deep down you’d cry

I hoped for many things

but never this

I dreamed of us

I dreamed of trust

I dreamed we could work through

the issues behind that kiss

I prayed I’d be enough

I prayed you wouldn’t take your stuff

I prayed she’d leave you

but it was not meant to be.

Little Ginge x