Gas Leak

I’m waiting for the gas leak

The indeterminable hiss of my mother tongue

Amidst the hundred I do not care to speak

A word, an acknowledgment I might be understood

No-one likes to be the pointer, it is rude

I long to hear the serpents kiss

‘It’s alright, I understand completely’

Instead I am greeted with an order

I try to make the best of

Complain politely, receive muted anger

Frustration on both sides

An unsolicited fang drips with the venom of insults

I do not know but whose meaning

I cannot fail to grasp

Yes, I’m waiting for the gas leak

I’ll hear it when the tyres touch home.

Little Ginge x


He Let Go

He held her with the same regard

That a child has for a balloon

Holding tightly with the willpower and strength

Of an oxen ready to charge

Until suddenly, the rage left

His fingers released and she was gone

Floating high above towards the clouds

In mute horror and shock

Despairing in her loneliness.

Little Ginge x

Stolen Glances

They had a love like no other. She understood everything about him. She saw the meaning behind every smile, wink, word. She was always there for him when he needed her. His every glance passed in her direction took her passion to greater heights.

He wished she’d stop stalking him.

Little Ginge x