Lack Of Space

I hate packing to go anywhere

It’s the extreme players game of Tetris

And I’d rather sit and sulk like a child

Stare at my suitcase willing it to assemble itself

Bypass space saving solutions I’ve yet to pick up

Sometimes the amount I’m trying to pack

Is so disproportionate to the space allotted

I sit and laugh because it’s insane to even try

But I always do and sometimes I win

Other times I’ll convince myself I can live

Without this, that, and the other

Things my life revolves around any normal day

So when I reach my new destination

I realise its true necessity

And berate myself for not packing it

Some people would like their own driver or chef

I’d much rather have my own clothes folder

An assembler of debris or head of stuffing

Yes I hate packing to go anywhere

But the views I see are worth packing for.

Little Ginge x


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