The Thief

He knew he was a thief

He’d filched all his life

Taken all that wasn’t his

and led a life of deceit

Sweets from the pick and mix

Leaves from the reach of his pushchair

Toys he felt he needed and

ones he really didn’t

Collectibles that were duplicates

Petty cash from family members

Even one or two virginities

poached with a chastened kiss

and jobs just for a laugh

But he’d really gone and done it this time

He had stolen her heart

and that was something you couldn’t return

No matter how hard you try.

Little Ginge x



He died from natural causes

For taking one too many pauses

He sat a while and thought

Like a fly in a web; caught

Had he lived his whole life wrong?

Never occurred to him to bring someone along

There was a girl that he benched

And he left her heart wrenched

Then he just keeled over

Dying in a patch of clover.

Little Ginge x