Forbidden Goodbye

Blemished by promise
A hickey there, a sex bruise here
Red cheeks and a dizzy head
From a secret stolen kiss
It was abandoned to shiver in an alleyway
A place that’s no stranger to sordid moments
Caressed by passion
A stroke of the wrist, a fingertip kiss
Goosebumps and nails that nip the skin
He needed to do something, you couldn’t leave again
Now; he sits burning with the knowledge that
It was witnessed only by the moon
Demonstrated by pleasure
A thumb below, a tongue up above
The touch that grazed from jaw to ear
A goodbye that was unplanned yet expected
The parting cliché, ‘we’ll meet again’

But for all intents and purposes, this moment ceased to exist.



Little Ginge x


Price Of Love

How can I be yours and you be mine?
Did you price up my organs and spirit divine?
Did you see the treasure I could truly be?
Or do you covet the copper that I grow so free?

Name your price and I’ll be yours
Of this promise you can be sure
And once a deal has been bartered
We’ll sail into waters that flow uncharted.


Little Ginge x

Middle Child

My mother put glasses on the dog again
My father fagged it in the shed
My sister went on a rant again
My brother banged his head
I lifted the gun from the mantelpiece again

Pulled the trigger till I was dead.


Little Ginge x