Wants Not Needs

I can live without a man
no need for friends, family or pets
I can survive just fine on my own
proven many times
but it is much nicer
by your side
with your hand in mine

and the smile that’s just for me.

Little Ginge x


Fragile Strings

I saw the world in monotonous grey
With only a muted line of red to break the sway
It looped from around my finger to who knows where
I was yet to find out it was the girl from my prayers

Once or twice I looped the string around another’s neck
To test the colour, see if I liked its effect
And in these instances I pulled too hard
Knotted the line, broke my lovers into shards

One day I was walking, the string trailing limp
Crossed paths who the one who made me think
Greys melted away to shades of gold
A whirlwind romance, to have and to hold

I found out to my cost that life zooms past too fast
But we were happy, no anger at coming last
That day from a distance I felt the string go slack

And in the same instance my life plunged back into black.

Little Ginge x

Zero Drive

Your fingers inch slowly up my leg,
it’s nice but I’m already contemplating the shopping trip
we need to do later. I think we need beans
maybe mushrooms. We need to talk too.

I grasp at your cock
and tug at it dutifully. Try to remember when making love
became such a chore. It saddens me to think that we
once made others jealous. We wouldn’t now.

We’ve become that couple we used to mock.
You know the ones that only had smiles for handsome
waiters and busty servers. Contempt for one another;
laugh at the others misfortune as they spill soup in their lap.

You nibble at my ear erotically
and I stare at our reflection dumbfounded in the mirror.
When did I get so fat? How did you let me get away with such a
travesty? No one wants to fuck a manatee.

I feel the tears prick and I whisper ‘later’
knowing there won’t be a ‘later’. Shrug the duvet round tighter and
leave you in the cold. I stare at the wall in loveless agony

and wait for your eventual snore. Repeat tomorrow.

Little Ginge x

Frankie’s Girl

Every word disguised as a kiss
was in fact a blade
Shaving parts of me
until there’s nothing but a sliver left
Then you build and build the parts you always wanted
Frankenstein’s bride; the plan gone awry
And I know I’m just as guilty
but at least I tried to make the best of a bad situation
I tried to love my self-built aversion.

Little Ginge x

Let Me Out

I want in‘ he whispers.

This crazy world of yours,
to be all mine to explore.
Let me peruse the mundane,
and bask in the extraordinary

I want in‘ he whispers.

I want out‘ I think.

Little Ginge x