I wrote a word I write almost everyday

It looks wrong to me despite knowing that it’s right

It’s the same feeling of looking at you and feeling nothing

Yet we both know we’d make a perfect match

Waited too long to make a move and now I don’t want to

We’re not friends, something a little more

The Bermuda triangle of relationships

The weird part in a Venn diagram

Is it fear of making a permanent change holding us back?

Or perfect on paper but not to plan?

I’ll take my reluctance as a sign and fear yours

And question that something I can’t put my finger on

Until we find an answer that looks correct.

Little Ginge x



Inflict your scars

Salt my wounds

Call me by the wrong name

Break our vows

Destroy the trust

Hang your head in shame

Scratch the scabs

Repeat mistakes

Screaming till I’m purple

Bad memories

Same feelings

Vicious circle.

Little Ginge x

A Little Island

My happy place belongs to no-one

Not to me, you or some awfully rich man

It is yet to be found

To be tainted by the triumphs of modern life

With beauty unseen to the human eye

A vista for the air that surrounds it

It changes every time I dream it

To match my mercurial moods

Sometimes it rains

The tears of a hundred childless mothers

To reflect the grief I cannot outwardly display

Other times it shimmers so delightfully

I wonder if I have discovered Aladdin’s cave

This is my happy place because it will never be found

It belongs inside of my mind

And will always be mine

So I’ll never have to worry about theft or thievery

Happiness cannot fully be shared

The concept differs from person to person

But it can be created.

Little Ginge x

The Chain


The need for stuff


Junk to clutter space


Had to be had


Disliked instantaneously


Unable to share


The future we create.

Little Ginge x

Acquired Taste

My favourite people are the ones with discerning taste

The ones who make you wait for a smile, work for a laugh

They’re less inclined to be fickle, more real in some respects

Some may call them grumpy, bad tempered or just plain rude

But I know that they’re just waiting for a proper connection

Because if they always have a smile for you and no-one else

You have become the blood that pumps through their veins

So you can keep your laugh a minute sandwich maker

Hug-a-lot friends and inseparable partners

I’d much rather have ‘Not right now, but later’

I know they’re good for it down the line

A hug that lasts two seconds not ten

A quick peck on the cheek than lips that never leave my skin

Because their touch feels much more special

And frankly I don’t have time for Hollywood romance

Give me the real over the dream any day.

Little Ginge x

Mirror Lies

You think I’m vain, obsessed

The reality is that I’m full of wonder

Who could find this face fascinating?

I have never owned a thought of happiness

When staring into this face

Who would it be considered beautiful by?

When I look nothing like the glories

In the airbrushed magazine

Even when they live their normal life

No huge paintbrush following them

Stalking their every curve

Highlighting their every dollars’ worth

Impossible standards to live up to

But sadly we all try.

Little Ginge x


Shock me good sir

Kiss me with such an intensity

I wonder who you are

So I can see you in a whole new light

And explore your body like a wonderland

Let’s skip into a black hole

Just you and I, hands held

Fingertips always touching

Electrify my night sky

With stars that whisper only your name

And replace the man in the moon

With your glorious face

I want to go to my death bed

Thinking only of you

You’d make my demise

Feel indifferent

It would be worth it

If you held my hand

So jolt life back into me.

Little Ginge x

To The Greats

I could stare at the pages of a recipe book all day long

Read the hunger inducing words over and over

Salivate pondering about the colour and flavours

How would it feel on my tongue, look in my belly

Bitter, sweet, bittersweet perhaps? Comforting

Come across a certain page and return to being six years old

And tasting my Grandmother’s banana loaf for the very first time

I didn’t like it but the memory remains as familiar as yesterday

Or bookmarking a page to make for a friend another time

So I can turn any event into a recollection to recall

A fond moment all with its own taste, smell, texture

Many recipes will never get made but merely kept to inspire

To tip my renowned cheesecake recipe into the awe-inducing

Give the melt in your mouth dessert a halo of deliciousness

So when I’m asked for my secrets I’ll muse and say a stroke of genius

When in reality I owe it all to the greats, the cooks who came before me

The pioneers of good taste and the experimenters of flavour

The unknowns on the internet and the published Gods of cuisine

I thank you all and my hungry followers thank you in turn too.

Little Ginge x


The blindness of a hypocrite

Is a funny thing to see

To vent such crude statements

And enact them another day

They’re never without an opinion

But integrity is sorely lacking

The negative spills from their mouth

As easily as dribble from a baby

But unlike a new-born darling

Their minds are already frozen in time

Unsusceptible to change

Yet whinier than a grouchy child

To combat these bare faced liars

Simply ignore them so they learn

That only truth receives answers.

Little Ginge x


Two homes

One houses productivity

The other love

Two families

One real

The other made of broken kids

Two sorts of pets

One bought for company

The other grows on dishes

Two feelings

Feeling lost in your childhood home

Despising every inch of your new one

University should be the time of my life

But I never feel I belong anywhere.

Little Ginge x