Fairytale Ending

I was taught to behave like a princess

Wait for charming, sit still, don’t sigh

Placed at the top of a dragon guarded tower

So passive and lonely I lost my power

To ensnare men with words like ribbons

Letting the other girls keep the gibbons

I vowed only the bravest would secure my heart

The ones who knew that charm was an art

I would not let my token drop for a farmer

I wanted a knight suited and plated in armour

I was so grateful when you arrived

Declaring love of which I was deprived

On your noble steed with steel that shined

So I snuck out and left the beast behind

You showed me there was more to life

That there was glory left in the title, wife

Tournaments, feasts, the beauty of greed

You said I would be the field to sow your seed

Yet you saw a girl who gave you a thrill

And I got left with an ache and a chill

I nursed my wounds knowing you’d return

So I can teach you a lesson you need to learn

You can cry for my mercy, plead new prayers

Slaughter the dragon, ascend the stairs

Pound on the door and I’ll pretend I’m not in

Because my heart is what worthy men win.

Little Ginge x


Paint Palette

Red on white

Like the Japanese flag

Crimson on peach

Lips to cheek

Blue to brown

Muddied waters

Turquoise vs. chocolate

Lovers gaze

Auburn with brunette

African sunset

Fire meets charred earth

Tangled coiffures

The masterpiece we paint.

Little Ginge x

Merciless Creatures

I thought the world would stop

It should stop

I needed this for selfish reasons

As a mark of respect

So that strangers who didn’t know you

Would know that a new angel graced their skies

A new guardian, more eyes up above

I thought my life was over

It should be over

Why should I exist and not you?

Who decided that balance of the world?

They made an awful judgement call

Tipped the scales never to return

Just like a Libran launched into space

Because you’re gone; that’s permanent

I refuse to believe in empty Gods

Yet to emerge deity’s

Because they took you without mercy

And sympathetic rulers wouldn’t do that

They’d have no little people praying to them

And what kind of God would you be without followers?

Bereft; just like me.

Little Ginge x


The effort, the stress and the tears

All for nothing, not a smidgen of praise

The knowledge I assembled in an artistic way

All for you; for your necessary approval

Meant nothing; dismissed entirely

Pushed aside without a backwards glance

Whilst I faded into the wallpaper

With the realisation I’m just a number to you

A score on your card; a feather in your cap

When I’m deemed good enough

And alas this time I wasn’t worthy

Not even to kiss the soles of your loafers

A mark of your crude and smug comforts

You no longer have to work for it

But have instead have others grovelling to you

For approval that is make or break

And I’m broken.

Little Ginge x

The Fish In The Sea

Trust me he said, so I did, without question

Don’t listen to the rumours, so I ignored, without doubts

I fell for every word implicitly

He just couldn’t do the same in return

Fuck him. Plenty more fish in the sea.

Love me he begged, so I did, faultlessly

Adore me more he screamed, so I left, callously

I was a love slave, imprisoned

He used me to massage his childish ego

Fuck him. Plenty more fish in the sea.

Call me he said, so I did, countless times

Leave me alone he ordered, so I did, quite happily

I was made to look like a fool, expertly

He thought the idea of us was a joke

Fuck him. I’ll get a man instead of a fish.

Little Ginge x

Love Drugs

You can learn to love me, just try a bit harder

I know I’m an acquired taste but I’m not subtle

I pack a mean punch and a deadly kick

The arsenic to your last drink

I’m the coffee without the sugar

But you’ll sweeten me up just right I’m sure

The sweet to my sour; pepper to my salt

We’ll blend just right if you give it a chance

The perfect dish to brighten anyone’s day

My charm will spread through your veins

You’ll feel my power when it’s too late

My poison isn’t deadly it’s intoxicating

It’ll incapacitate you; trap you in my gaze

Your love is my brand of cocaine

I’ll be your best customer if you be the dealer

Pay you with kisses, assault you with hugs

If you dare try to take away your love.

Little Ginge x


Silently she sits and stares

In a chair that’s grown worn

To the brittle shape she imprints

Frost climbs the windowpanes

And cars skid on the street a mere twenty feet away

How she daydreams they could roll over her body

Make it lifeless; still, cold and painless

She taps her impatient fingers on the window ledge

Frustrated; it wasn’t supposed to end like this

Lonely in an empty room

With only a bare and dusty mantelpiece to watch her

The lovers long gone in the sunset

And a family with a long list of problems

She’s always last on

Nobody ever sends anything in the post

Not even a slip of junk

How simple it would be to just melt away

As she reaches for the pills and bottle

Preparing to meet the light

A smile dances across her face

Here I come old friends it seems to say.

Little Ginge x

Fault Lines

I only need you when you’re not here

Hate you when you declare your love

And fall for you when you shout

I’m a mess, I’m aware

I only learn when I teach

Listen when I talk

And fidget when I’m sat

I’m infuriating, I’m aware

I only create so I can destroy

Forget but don’t remember

And dim instead of shining

I’m selfish, I’m aware

You only love mirrors but insist you’re ugly

Want me when you need something

And nag instead of waiting

You’re a hypocrite, are you aware?

Little Ginge x

Reasons To Love, Love

Love is being able to be annoying to the point you irritate yourself

Yet safe in the knowledge that they won’t walk away

Pretend they don’t know and bad mouth you to perfect strangers

Because the reason they love you is for being a weirdo

For being the contradiction not the rule

And having a goofy grin that’s just for them

Love is the safety net to catch you in the face of danger

When the dragon you’re fighting has an extra sting in its tail

A bee in its bonnet and nothing to distract it from destroying you

Your lover will run in wearing a jesters hat and begin to dance

So you can ravage your own devastation in the split second of relief

And someone to share the squander with after the deed

Love is having the freedom to say all the clich├ęs you said you never would

Seeing the sun set in another’s eyes and the night sky reflect in them

Disappearing down lovers lane for several hours ‘for the view’

Rediscovering the joy of gifts and the novelty of watching them open them

Whilst you expect nothing but a kiss in return

Because you found out that love had no price tag but the positives are infinite.

Little Ginge x

The Big Gamble

I keep rolling the dice hoping for a wonderful solution

A magical cure for all this corruption and pollution

People think I’m silly for wishing for the bigger things

‘Charity begins at home’ they say or ‘helping only stings’

But I’m throwing gently so our children have a future

I don’t want them to become the food for vultures

I want them to see the sights I see, get lost in the trees

Look at rainbows in the sky, eat honey made from bees

I’m aware that this sounds like a funny dream from last night

And sometimes the real world will end up giving them a fright

But if we only teach our youngers to search for the weak spots

How can we expect them to ever join the dots?

Realise that their elders made an awfully big darn mess

Burned a lot of things and left the earth in distress

So you keep rolling for that money; buy yourself an RV

Tell yourself you only live once; ‘it all comes down to me’

But if the Buddhists are right and you get another chance at life

Who can you complain about when your life is full of strife?

Little Ginge x