Mr & Mrs Cake Topper

Hand painted with loving fingers

The most exquisite couple you’ve ever seen

Placed on a pedestal for the universe to adore

And boy were they beautiful

When they danced the world cavorted with them

Whirling and twirling into oblivion

Then suddenly they had to stop and reassess

Realise that life couldn’t just be one big party

Someone had to clean up the overflowing

Group of flutes the bride created

Unbeknownst to her someone was keeping count

And so the groom took his knife and made the first incision;

The drinking had to stop; things had to change

She tried her best and he reformed too

Came away from the office once in a while

And did his share of the chores

Both carved chunks their lives to create joint happiness

And compromise became a word that was slowly despised

They grew to resent each other

Avoid one another in a way only small spaces allow

Talk of separate rooms, maybe even separate houses

But one day, he fell. A long way.

It was all she could do the watch from her precarious position

Her anger disappeared; sickness has that effect

She prayed from the top of her ivory tower

That this was just a blip, a minor thing

She doesn’t remember how he came to be in the box

But she felt so lonely up there at the top

Didn’t cope well with grief and she followed not soon after

Placed side by side in the box for all of time

A perfect image of everlasting love.

Little Ginge x


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