Ode To Hunger

Ethereal and haunting

The lonely light in the fridge

Crammed and captivating

Cupboards in the rafters

Intriguing and bursting

The waste is fit to flow

Secret and inviting

The hidden stash of gluttony

Round and beguiling

Starving child of Africa.

Little Ginge x


The Miner’s Wife

She had never been to foreign fancies

Or left the confines of this town

Although she stared at faraway vistas

with a face etched with strife

and a distant look in her eyes

The miners wife’s destiny was sadly set in stone

and nailed to the tiles of the square

Oh that poor statue of the maiden fair.

Little Ginge x

Love, Fame & Fortune

Who is he?

This man I have been told to seek

I demand an e-fit

So I can await him on crimewatch

He stole my heart after all

Where is the money?

My horoscope foretold to me

The hard work would be rewarded

My hands were to be full of coins not

Broken nails and callouses

Where is the fame?

The internet promised to bring

With my witty humour and delicate words

I was told ‘I’ve heard better’ but I know

I’m a million in one.

Little Ginge x

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

You’ve been asking me since I was fourteen

And I still don’t have an answer for you

Tell me where my path will lead

And in which way I should guide the steed

You started really pushing when I turned sixteen

I felt the pressure looming and buried myself in

A range of subjects and exams

Better not to worry about it

You became insistent for an answer at eighteen

Angry when there was no reply

Silence when I moved away

And relief when I held my certificate high

Yet now when I am twenty one

With grades and experiences

And an understanding of where my strengths lie

I still stutter when delivering my answer.

Little Ginge x

The Sirens

She crooned that she wished

you would feel her nails

raking down your back

Her voice laughed at the rumours

that she was a daydream

dressed up as a nightmare

A girl shouted that I should

just walk away from the boys

and wish for a man at my side

The goddess told me that

I am strong enough to bear children

and get right back to business

An artist licked that I should

hold my head up and

I would go far

No matter where I go

and wherever I have gone

they have always been

on my side of the team.

Little Ginge x

Gift From God

He sent you a sign

That you didn’t see

A perfectly benign

Giraffe in an oak tree

God is good at this

Playing mind games with your wishes

The story of the genie with clever loopholes

Is the warning of be careful of what you pray for

You prayed all night to him

And he delivered

A stork with a basket

An iguana inside

You tried to love it

Forget it’s tongue

But after all is said and done

You’re too afraid to even feed it

And if you can’t feed your baby

And you can’t make one either

You can’t even return to the sender,

First class and tracked of course

Does that make you a bad mother?

You tried your best

Gave it love, time and energy

It’s not your fault in any way

That it didn’t fancy going vegan.

Little Ginge x

A Pretty Wife

You’d buy your wife for more than a pretty smile.
Or eyes that tell a thousand stories. Right?
Yes I agree, she looks lovely. Silence.

But wouldn’t you rather a wife who told a million jokes?
One for every occasion.
Who never held her tongue? Chatter.

No-one ever said it was fun to sit in silence
Except book readers and cat lovers

Buy a wife, not a mouse.


Little Ginge x

Three Sisters

Hope sparks when there is an absence of good
After all the kind words and thoughtful actions
When greed is the only needle sewing the tapestry
She will swoop in and ignite a wish in your heart
For better times

Patience counts when there is an absence of progress
After the first words are written and he continues to rage
When time is ticking faster that you can handle
She will grab the second hand and hold until you’re ready
To move on

Faith shines when there is no sunshine left for the day
After all credit was claimed and he kissed another
When only darkness forges your path ahead
She will sit in your palm and light the way

To happiness unknown.

Little Ginge x

Bubble Popper

Please be the hero of my story
I need saving from myself

Be the prince on a silver white stallion
I wish to use a spinning wheel

Kiss me with lips of magic
I have a craving for an apple

Drown me in the sea of your love
I think I might walk away

Cut the ropes and let me fall
I’m tying myself in knots here

Tell me how to leave the books alone
I’ve forgotten how to have fun

Give me the entire world
I’m clawing at the walls

Show me hard work isn’t everything
I’m on my way to my third job

Please solve my problems for me

I like it here in my bubble.

Little Ginge x