Unsaid Declarations

When he stays past what time he should
and refills your glass before you ask him to

The talk turns to relationships
and the answers mean kiss or miss

Somehow we always miss
but you never ask the right questions to begin with

How can I be yours if you never say?
We just keep going until this frays.

Little Ginge x


Tears For Him

He is the almost was,
the one I most regret.

The love that would never have lasted,
continues to endure.

Love born out of companionship,
has left me isolated and him smothered.

The love that always was on the inside,
bleeds my heart raw and dry,
and its wounds weep on the outside.


Little Ginge x

Hand Me Down’s

A caress of the wrist
Is such a simple wish
Oh how she longs for your touch
But still you don’t give much

Is she unworthy of your love?
The girl who would envelope your life like a glove
You keep looking for romance
But won’t give her a second glance

I’d love for you to be her unrequited
Teach you how it feels to be slighted
But for now she’s in what were once my shoes

Learning just how you, can be so cruel.


Little Ginge x