Ode To Hunger

Ethereal and haunting

The lonely light in the fridge

Crammed and captivating

Cupboards in the rafters

Intriguing and bursting

The waste is fit to flow

Secret and inviting

The hidden stash of gluttony

Round and beguiling

Starving child of Africa.

Little Ginge x



Only the voice was hers
The words were all theirs
Poor old Marion had been led
To believe in false views

It was not her fault

They taught her right from wrong
The opposite way around
Poor old Marion knew of no colour
She only saw the world in greyscale

That was all their fault

Their ignorance she replicated
Time and time again
Poor old Marion spoke such hate
Her outdated thoughts brought no love

And that was all her fault.

To spout such hate you must deny love
Then the name bigot fits like a glove.


Little Ginge x

Wolf Hunt

The wolf for the girl who cried it
Is told that without bite marks
There is nothing they can do
And who’s to say it’ll be the right wolf
They all look the same, right?

The boy who cried wolf
Inspired torches and pitchforks
And was given a dark pelt to decorate with
But he said the wolf was white as snow

He was told quite simply, he was mistaken.


Little Ginge x

Lady : Definition

I don’t cross my legs
And I rarely wear lacies
I like to chug from the kegs
Don’t buy hats for the races

I’m not a lady
I’m just a person
With two medium sized breasts
Between my legs, a twat

If these two criteria’s
Change your perception
Get down on your knees
And beg for redemption

A woman is a woman
Simply for medical interference
A lady is a lady
To serve a societal presumption

Others never wear skirts
And won’t touch a dress
But they’ll put up your shelves
And build you a nice desk

Some females just don’t fit
In any stereotypical definition
But if you still wish to touch
You’ll need her permission.


Little Ginge x

Head Of A Communist

When you are born with hair of communist connotations
You will always be aware of difference
Some acknowledge it as a positive thing
More often than not; discouraged
My critics were unsure how my barnet affected my personality
Was I more fun?
To be regarded as more intelligent?
Without results; it was filed under ‘other’
Dangerous; and shunned
An open defiance of cultural norms to be stopped
But I see no difference
Instead I see a gap in the market I can fulfil
I may have the head of a communist
Which treated with care is no bad thing
But I have the heart of a liberal

And together they’ll break down your walls.


Little Ginge x


He walked ten paces to reach the war
Already there when he closed the door

The children cry to get to sleep
They enact the feelings I’ve buried deep

The war still goes on outside these walls
But my lover won’t be making any calls

They dug a hole deep foot six

And laid my heart to rest in bits.


Little Ginge x

The Yes Party

You warned me if I didn’t go I’d be square
And I found out to my cost that life’s unfair
I assumed it to be just a simple cruel jest
But there is a punishment for rejecting the zest
The offers that reject the mundane, promise fun
Breaks that come from befriending a lover of puns
They should be accepted no matter the drawbacks
As pure enjoyment papers over the cracks
The gaps that arise in your everyday life
Which widen further with the ongoing strife
So stop saying no to all the things I suggest

And instead introduce yourself to the word yes.


Little Ginge x


Pushed pulled
Dragged in all directions
Everyone has an agenda
but do I have a voice?
Bedraggled frustrated
Stuffed like a butchers sausage
with all the information
‘you must know’
There’s no room for an opinion
or a dream of my own
Make my hair pretty
Smooth down my dress
Will that get me an invite
to your precious tea party?
Ragged wrecked
Simple useless doll
A ploy to your schemes
Inhuman, a tool
Dragged like a plough
in the straight lines you ordered
Sow your seed
when I’m pretty enough
Toss me in the trash
when I’m not

a child’s toy playing adult games.


Little Ginge x

Original Hollywood


Trap door

Gun in the knicker drawer

Fair maiden

Table laden

Lover forbaden

Repeat these phrases verbatim

Prostitute with a heart

Poor man creates pure art

Family needs a fresh start

Noble steed

Slaves freed

Posh men wear tweed

Hollywood has decreed

Rulers cruel

Pretty boy, fool

Bullying in the high-school

American sport, baseball

Drunk men brawl

Love conquers all

World cinema, forestall.

Little Ginge x

The Last Suffragette

She dropped a ball and forgot to catch the others

They say she’s crazy, you must stay away

A woman who owns an opinion is dangerous

Especially if she only shares it with herself

Muttering coherent truths no man wants to hear

They pushed her outside of town so her ideas can’t spread

Like her issues are as contagious as a cold

That the sparks she speaks will wipe out an empire

Just goes to show how modern we compare to the Aztecs

The only illness that is infectious is cold hard cash

And just as they warned it only goes to the sick

The ones that lord over the ants building the nest

For a Queen in every segregated block of serfs

So say what you like about crazy Kay, she’s just like you and me

She’s only trying to make it through another day

Bites her tongue for some peace and quiet

And waits for the ones who can bear to hear it.

Little Ginge x