The Miner’s Wife

She had never been to foreign fancies

Or left the confines of this town

Although she stared at faraway vistas

with a face etched with strife

and a distant look in her eyes

The miners wife’s destiny was sadly set in stone

and nailed to the tiles of the square

Oh that poor statue of the maiden fair.

Little Ginge x


Love, Fame & Fortune

Who is he?

This man I have been told to seek

I demand an e-fit

So I can await him on crimewatch

He stole my heart after all

Where is the money?

My horoscope foretold to me

The hard work would be rewarded

My hands were to be full of coins not

Broken nails and callouses

Where is the fame?

The internet promised to bring

With my witty humour and delicate words

I was told ‘I’ve heard better’ but I know

I’m a million in one.

Little Ginge x

Hanging Out The Flags

I’m going to hang out the flags

Not for any royals or ships I see

But because he’s coming home for tea

He fights for you, me and him

He doesn’t have a quest for gold

And there’s no manifesto on which he’s sold

We’ve only got a short time together

Before he heads back on that flight

Completely oblivious to my plight.

Little Ginge x