Shy Words

Creativity stilted
Wanted career jilted
Surviving with no function
Reached a crossroads junction

Blame everyone but the pen
Feel blessed to have been adored
Selfish to leave the favour unreturned
Skulk until the love returns

Mild mannered and quiet
Wins no hearts
Prim and proper
Leaves me set apart

A boy too young
A man whose no fun
His words leave me cold
But I do as I’m told

I bet on you and you left me too
The pen my only friend
It seems misunderstood
Still holding a grudge

I’m sorry, just sorry
I beg for words
You refuse to grant

With excellent intent.


Little Ginge x


Acquired Star

It is said of me
that I am golden
A wandering star
But I am no diamond

I only twinkle in your eyes.


Little Ginge x

Night After Day

Warm, dry, curved
The sensual slope of dry stone
Orange, brown, rough
Nature glows even in the dark
The animals yet to be discovered
Hide underneath and in the splendour
Ignored by tourists full of awe
They try to capture images that cannot be taken
They belong right there, imposing and loud
I am here the rocks say
Do not touch the Bella threatens
Navy ink pollutes up above
Swallowing the orange till all turns purple
Who knew there was glory in the dirt?
Mother’s worst kept secret needs her beauty sleep

And is happy for me to watch her as she does.


Little Ginge x

Absent Feelings

Removing yourself from my life
was not the answer
Didn’t you ever hear the phrase
absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Or did you know that the ghosts of you
make the mind worry and ponder?
You’re always in the forefront of mine

but I’m just an afterthought in yours.


Little Ginge x