Last Lover

We danced until three
The last you saw of me
Didn’t know that my life was planned
Marked out by a steady hand

A tacograph for the ages
Of a love that filled the pages
Marking the highs and lows
Joys and cruel blows

Glass of gin in one
Beau on the other arm
My mother wouldn’t succumb
She saw straight through his charm

Pity I could not
Ignored all her words
Important dates weren’t all he forgot
His manners became the curse

Two kids and a divorce
He moved on far too quickly
And my bitterness only got worse
His smoothness verging on sickly

I met you in the twilight
The waning years of our lives
Far too soon we said goodnight
And still our love survives

I still wonder about fate
And the horrible way it tries
To teach us a lesson far too late
That truths are often disguised as lies.

Little Ginge x


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