Fragile Strings

I saw the world in monotonous grey
With only a muted line of red to break the sway
It looped from around my finger to who knows where
I was yet to find out it was the girl from my prayers

Once or twice I looped the string around another’s neck
To test the colour, see if I liked its effect
And in these instances I pulled too hard
Knotted the line, broke my lovers into shards

One day I was walking, the string trailing limp
Crossed paths who the one who made me think
Greys melted away to shades of gold
A whirlwind romance, to have and to hold

I found out to my cost that life zooms past too fast
But we were happy, no anger at coming last
That day from a distance I felt the string go slack

And in the same instance my life plunged back into black.

Little Ginge x


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