Gift From God

He sent you a sign

That you didn’t see

A perfectly benign

Giraffe in an oak tree

God is good at this

Playing mind games with your wishes

The story of the genie with clever loopholes

Is the warning of be careful of what you pray for

You prayed all night to him

And he delivered

A stork with a basket

An iguana inside

You tried to love it

Forget it’s tongue

But after all is said and done

You’re too afraid to even feed it

And if you can’t feed your baby

And you can’t make one either

You can’t even return to the sender,

First class and tracked of course

Does that make you a bad mother?

You tried your best

Gave it love, time and energy

It’s not your fault in any way

That it didn’t fancy going vegan.

Little Ginge x


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