Broken Kids

As a child you’re made of play-doh
you dent, you are malleable
and easy to destroy;

Someone once took me in their palms
and decided to crush me with the pads of their thumbs;

Using my childhood knowledge
I stuck myself back together
piece by piece
with sellotape there, and blu-tac here
there are bits that break off every time I fall;

Although we are all destroyed
we do not react the same
we are the experiment
no scientist can predict;

Some follow in their creators footsteps
others do what they can to forget
some forge themselves in steel
that no man can ever wield;

There is no right way
when the path is blocked
by a secret ‘you must not tell’;

It is not a case of remembering what your mother taught you
as abuse comes in many shapes and forms

Maybe your presence hangs over them like a shadow
maybe you were never there
either way the knife cuts;

The first incision is the pain
the second is the rubbing alcohol
after that is just numbness
a feeling that this has happened before
and will happen again;

Just because you didn’t use your fist
doesn’t take the pain away
you used the biggest fist of all
and thumped your words into my brain
branding me as damaged goods;

I shouldn’t have to tell anyone this
you ought to be ashamed that I have to;

But your words matter
your actions matter
my life matters
and your thrill does not.

Little Ginge x


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