Bubble Popper

Please be the hero of my story
I need saving from myself

Be the prince on a silver white stallion
I wish to use a spinning wheel

Kiss me with lips of magic
I have a craving for an apple

Drown me in the sea of your love
I think I might walk away

Cut the ropes and let me fall
I’m tying myself in knots here

Tell me how to leave the books alone
I’ve forgotten how to have fun

Give me the entire world
I’m clawing at the walls

Show me hard work isn’t everything
I’m on my way to my third job

Please solve my problems for me

I like it here in my bubble.

Little Ginge x


3 thoughts on “Bubble Popper

  1. Very touching indeed. I certainly feel the urge in your needs while reading this and I am glad to be able to relate to them

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