Shot Through The Heart

She’s here
I can smell her
The pillows need to be burned
The sheets a sail for my ship of fury
He touched her in the places he said he wouldn’t
Wormed his way into her heart
And she in turn had stolen his

I smash our wedding photo
Into a million fragments
This is what remains of our marriage
Pieces that no longer fit
Because an act of violence tore them apart
Sure adultery is no gunshot wound
But heals far less safely

Heartbreak wounds fester and sore
Remain exposed, and every cross word
Seeps in to infect them just a little more
Like her love for him
And she needs to stay around to nurse him

I’m just sorry that mine own wounds I inflicted
Were the equivalent of paper cuts
Sure they stung, made him notice me
Made him treat my love with a gentler hand
But really my love was a simple burn
I made an impression
But it faded over time
And now he’s back to manhandling the paper
But it’s gone soft and I can’t slice him anymore
As my love means nothing
Because his new medicine prevails.

Little Ginge x


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