Zero Drive

Your fingers inch slowly up my leg,
it’s nice but I’m already contemplating the shopping trip
we need to do later. I think we need beans
maybe mushrooms. We need to talk too.

I grasp at your cock
and tug at it dutifully. Try to remember when making love
became such a chore. It saddens me to think that we
once made others jealous. We wouldn’t now.

We’ve become that couple we used to mock.
You know the ones that only had smiles for handsome
waiters and busty servers. Contempt for one another;
laugh at the others misfortune as they spill soup in their lap.

You nibble at my ear erotically
and I stare at our reflection dumbfounded in the mirror.
When did I get so fat? How did you let me get away with such a
travesty? No one wants to fuck a manatee.

I feel the tears prick and I whisper ‘later’
knowing there won’t be a ‘later’. Shrug the duvet round tighter and
leave you in the cold. I stare at the wall in loveless agony

and wait for your eventual snore. Repeat tomorrow.

Little Ginge x


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