Addictive Abuse

You think you’re just a moon, and he’s your earth
Refusing to see that you shine bright like the sun
You’re the one with the magnetic personality
All the sheep flock to
A wonderful illusion
Fitting perfectly with their plan
When will you see that you glimmer so delightfully?
That they put you under a spell from which you can’t wake up?
Akin to sleeping beauty; passive like the waves
Lapping against the shoreline back and forth
Controlled by a domineering orb
Just like your twisted bond
It’s difficult to see who’s the earth, who’s the moon
From an outsiders perspective
But from whichever angle; unhealthy
Who has all the power?
For there is no give and take
Merely games of the mind
Resulting in damaged pride and wounded egos
And just like your fairytale’s romance dictates
I wish to prick you awake from comfy slumber
With a needle laced with the sharp edge of reality
So you can see that this is not love, but war
And you’re losing, just liked they planned
But only your true love can break the curse
And it is neither them or me
So sit tight, and wait for your prince to come
And hope that when he does
You’ll see what you’ve been missing

But I fear you’ll keep your eyes shut to the truth.



Little Ginge x


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