Bitter Countdown

It took me 2 years to get to know a person
I could really see a future with; a future firmly
stuck inside a crystal ball
And it’s been 123 days, 7 hours and 4 minutes since
you first mentioned her
The same moment I realised you
were slipping away faster than a
balloon in the wind
It’s been 78 days since you made her yours
and I was passed aside like a used tissue
as I once served a purpose for you but no more
It’s been 73 days since I lost my temper with you
for the smallest thing in the world and making
me look petty
It took 11 minutes to write this down
The same length of time it took me to realise
that we were not meant to be otherwise
you would’ve have stayed and not be tempted
by a passing glimpse of a curious stranger
It took exactly 1 second to get over you
and another to realise I was stuck on you
By our 3 year anniversary we will have had a life’s
history of the phases of love and I get to keep nothing
Only memories I can’t bear to think about
And we both know I’ll spend the time counting
how many days has passed since
I missed my chance

and you won’t spend a single second on that thought.



Little Ginge x


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