Horror Scopes

Our horoscopes are incompatible

I must take this as a sign

There’s no good to come out of us

only the ‘horror’ in our prophecy

It will probably end in tears

mostly yours, not mine

They say I’m quick to wrath and anger

even quicker moving on

Whereas you’re a sensitive soul

Fall in love, deep

out, slowly

An apt description of our sex

I’m too fast to judge

and you like to take your time

frustration between the sheets.

They say opposites attract

but I feel like I’m repelling you like

my jacket with the rain

The sexual allure I once promised

flows quicker down the drain

I’m afraid they did warn us my dear

but they say I’m a risk taker

I’m just hoping that for once

you dive headfirst too

we’ll consider resurfacing later.

Little Ginge x


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