Model Lover

  1. Pretty did a Marilyn over an air vent; giggling like a pro

The smile faded when he said she could go

Sexy placed her thumbs provocatively in her undies

Looked up through her lashes; insolent young woman

Geek chic posed with a spade and wiped her brow dramatically

Propositioned him after the shoot; he declined naturally

  1. He spent his days in the dark making whores

Look like the kind of women your mother would want to know

Clicking and doctoring until he created perfection

Accurately displaying an obvious lack of human connection

He’d seen the world three times over, politely met the women

And wondered what else he could do before he reached madness itself

  1. Teenage looked directly down the lens terrified as a child

He had to throw up after they were done, feeling like a monster

Exotic strutted around the set in the clothes mother nature bestowed

Spoke no English and tried her best; produced a surprising fluke

Breasty flounced into the room and made unreasonable demands

Glanced at her pouty shots and threw them in the bin

  1. He was beyond the search for love until she walked into the room

She assumed he was her slave and told him what to do

Too awestruck to tell her otherwise he obeyed to woo

And when he succeeded he fell in love heart over tooth

But she left him for another man and refused to leave a note

The boy was broken beyond repair; a socket without a plug

  1. Ageing put the clothes on not a ripple of contempt

Waited for her train completing a crossword as she went

Celebrity fidgeted constantly and didn’t understand direction

Chattered about her yoga but wouldn’t take correction

Porn star had no shame and didn’t do demure

But she was good in the staff room, well at least that was the rumour

  1. He received a letter containing a contract of demands

Notified he was a father and outta act the role

So he did a rehaul and packed up all his things

Camera, memoirs and lingerie all went in the bin

A grin formed across his face and he tore all her photos off the wall

She might have caused him trouble but made a change after all.

Little Ginge x


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