Sudden Senses

Gusts of wind howled bitter screams

Which reminded me of a dog

Caught powerlessly in a bear trap

And left to suffer in agony

The sun dimmed like the bitter apocalypse

They’ve been warning the world about

Because we were so selfish to turn on a light

And refused to sit in the dark in silence

Embers charred my vision of the world

The fire I had come to know vanished

Without a trace and no sign of return

And all I taste is the smoky palate of abandonment

The air was so thick with an foggy nothingness

I was told it was oxygen but I remember

There being a distinct lack of it

Who chokes if they can breathe?

Rain pelted my face with such ferociousness

As I chased after my happiness that disappeared

Quicker than a moon at sunrise

And I’ve been blind ever since

This is how I remember the day you went away

But the days since have been hell.

Little Ginge x


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