Weight Of The World

Worry has swallowed me whole

Disintegrated my fingernails

And destroyed any thought of optimism

It’s navy blue colossus descended

And disappeared down my gullet

It makes me think that all my worldly possessions

Will run away when my back is turned

Leaping out of the window one after the other

I constantly check to see if doors are secure

My dinner isn’t cremating itself

That man isn’t following

I feel like a pavement that’s been trampled all over

By big burly men driving a truck

The headaches are worry’s companion

But they are no friend of mine

They raise their eyebrows at every decision I make

And laugh with derision when I fail

They live in a deep damp dusty hole

I am told was once my heart

This pit is so precarious

That if lovers dare to look down

They fall and join me in my misery

Until they meet a lover whose only worry

Is if they’ll catch the train in time

I wish I was one of those people

But sadly someone has to assess the risk

Look before we leap

And that burden fell to me

Wear my shoes and you’ll see

How lucky you are to be free

So I’ll lie awake while you sleep

Frown instead of smiling

If it keeps you safe my dear

Then this martyr has no fear.

Little Ginge x


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