Fairytale Ending

I was taught to behave like a princess

Wait for charming, sit still, don’t sigh

Placed at the top of a dragon guarded tower

So passive and lonely I lost my power

To ensnare men with words like ribbons

Letting the other girls keep the gibbons

I vowed only the bravest would secure my heart

The ones who knew that charm was an art

I would not let my token drop for a farmer

I wanted a knight suited and plated in armour

I was so grateful when you arrived

Declaring love of which I was deprived

On your noble steed with steel that shined

So I snuck out and left the beast behind

You showed me there was more to life

That there was glory left in the title, wife

Tournaments, feasts, the beauty of greed

You said I would be the field to sow your seed

Yet you saw a girl who gave you a thrill

And I got left with an ache and a chill

I nursed my wounds knowing you’d return

So I can teach you a lesson you need to learn

You can cry for my mercy, plead new prayers

Slaughter the dragon, ascend the stairs

Pound on the door and I’ll pretend I’m not in

Because my heart is what worthy men win.

Little Ginge x


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