Love Drugs

You can learn to love me, just try a bit harder

I know I’m an acquired taste but I’m not subtle

I pack a mean punch and a deadly kick

The arsenic to your last drink

I’m the coffee without the sugar

But you’ll sweeten me up just right I’m sure

The sweet to my sour; pepper to my salt

We’ll blend just right if you give it a chance

The perfect dish to brighten anyone’s day

My charm will spread through your veins

You’ll feel my power when it’s too late

My poison isn’t deadly it’s intoxicating

It’ll incapacitate you; trap you in my gaze

Your love is my brand of cocaine

I’ll be your best customer if you be the dealer

Pay you with kisses, assault you with hugs

If you dare try to take away your love.

Little Ginge x


4 thoughts on “Love Drugs

  1. Wow, this is beautiful. I love the simple structure of the lines, and the empowering adjectives. Would you maybe check out some of my poems? I need an expert eye.

  2. Thankyou, I’ve followed you. Think my style differs a lot from yours but only because I write more in 1st person and you write in a more abstract style. But I like it! Personally I’ve found the best way to improve is write loads and post it all up. Feedback is the most useful tool 🙂

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