Silently she sits and stares

In a chair that’s grown worn

To the brittle shape she imprints

Frost climbs the windowpanes

And cars skid on the street a mere twenty feet away

How she daydreams they could roll over her body

Make it lifeless; still, cold and painless

She taps her impatient fingers on the window ledge

Frustrated; it wasn’t supposed to end like this

Lonely in an empty room

With only a bare and dusty mantelpiece to watch her

The lovers long gone in the sunset

And a family with a long list of problems

She’s always last on

Nobody ever sends anything in the post

Not even a slip of junk

How simple it would be to just melt away

As she reaches for the pills and bottle

Preparing to meet the light

A smile dances across her face

Here I come old friends it seems to say.

Little Ginge x


2 thoughts on “Lonesome

  1. Personally they’re nightmares but I know people who have a preoccupation with death, nothing suicidal but just think about what it would be like etc.

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