Reasons To Love, Love

Love is being able to be annoying to the point you irritate yourself

Yet safe in the knowledge that they won’t walk away

Pretend they don’t know and bad mouth you to perfect strangers

Because the reason they love you is for being a weirdo

For being the contradiction not the rule

And having a goofy grin that’s just for them

Love is the safety net to catch you in the face of danger

When the dragon you’re fighting has an extra sting in its tail

A bee in its bonnet and nothing to distract it from destroying you

Your lover will run in wearing a jesters hat and begin to dance

So you can ravage your own devastation in the split second of relief

And someone to share the squander with after the deed

Love is having the freedom to say all the clichés you said you never would

Seeing the sun set in another’s eyes and the night sky reflect in them

Disappearing down lovers lane for several hours ‘for the view’

Rediscovering the joy of gifts and the novelty of watching them open them

Whilst you expect nothing but a kiss in return

Because you found out that love had no price tag but the positives are infinite.

Little Ginge x


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