The Big Gamble

I keep rolling the dice hoping for a wonderful solution

A magical cure for all this corruption and pollution

People think I’m silly for wishing for the bigger things

‘Charity begins at home’ they say or ‘helping only stings’

But I’m throwing gently so our children have a future

I don’t want them to become the food for vultures

I want them to see the sights I see, get lost in the trees

Look at rainbows in the sky, eat honey made from bees

I’m aware that this sounds like a funny dream from last night

And sometimes the real world will end up giving them a fright

But if we only teach our youngers to search for the weak spots

How can we expect them to ever join the dots?

Realise that their elders made an awfully big darn mess

Burned a lot of things and left the earth in distress

So you keep rolling for that money; buy yourself an RV

Tell yourself you only live once; ‘it all comes down to me’

But if the Buddhists are right and you get another chance at life

Who can you complain about when your life is full of strife?

Little Ginge x


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