Highway 66

They say it’s the tarmac where dreams were born and lost

Where people truly find out the cost

No matter how you drive, it has a certain charm to it

And I long to travel every single bit

The only road where broken means beauty

An obsession so bad it’s my own tour of duty

Where the women search for Mr Right

They mentioned marriage and gave him a fright

He disappeared West chasing a notion of success

But the only fruit it produced was stress

Small town communities surviving on the edge

And deserts where I’ll make my pledge

After finally finding the ultimate ‘view’

Even better, I’ll be with you.

Little Ginge x


5 thoughts on “Highway 66

  1. How beautiful and real! I adored how you served up the gritty details with wit and a welcoming acceptance of the nuances of humanity, and wrapped it up with a bit of innocent romance. I felt like I made a complete round trip in the span of one poem.

    May you stay inspired and keep writing! I’ll be back for more.

    • Thankyou! I’ll be honest writing this poem was a challenge for me because traveling route 66 is my bucket list. I think I could travel it a hundred times and still not be finished with it. I’m so pleased you like it! 🙂

      • Ahh. You just became twenty times more interesting and multi-dimensional in my eyes. Haha! I have the same thing about certain buildings, streets and other people’s living rooms. 😀 It’s like no matter how much I experience them, I can’t get enough and it’s always new each time. 😀

      • Exactly! The desert’s the real pull for me which considering I’m ginger seems a little suicidal haha, getting sunburnt to a crisp in that setting seems a nice way to go though 🙂

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