The Problem Age

Fuck you

I’m not a child

My opinion is not worthless

You never listen

Fuck you

My language isn’t your taste?

Not my problem

This is how I express my anger

Fuck you

I don’t know why

Your face is irritating today

What hole did I crawl out of?

Fuck you

You don’t get it

You’ll never understand

My life is not perfect

Fuck you

I won’t apologise

My anger is not irrational

Your condescension is unwelcome

Fuck you

Because fuck you that’s why.

Little Ginge x


2 thoughts on “The Problem Age

    • I was trying to argue from the point of the child. Most people I interact with felt that as teenagers that they weren’t taken seriously by adults, but I think it’s because they don’t articulate their thoughts well enough. I hope you didn’t felt I was making fun of children or teenagers, because it was the complete opposite I was going for in a way. 🙂

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