Acquired Taste

My favourite people are the ones with discerning taste

The ones who make you wait for a smile, work for a laugh

They’re less inclined to be fickle, more real in some respects

Some may call them grumpy, bad tempered or just plain rude

But I know that they’re just waiting for a proper connection

Because if they always have a smile for you and no-one else

You have become the blood that pumps through their veins

So you can keep your laugh a minute sandwich maker

Hug-a-lot friends and inseparable partners

I’d much rather have ‘Not right now, but later’

I know they’re good for it down the line

A hug that lasts two seconds not ten

A quick peck on the cheek than lips that never leave my skin

Because their touch feels much more special

And frankly I don’t have time for Hollywood romance

Give me the real over the dream any day.

Little Ginge x


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