To The Greats

I could stare at the pages of a recipe book all day long

Read the hunger inducing words over and over

Salivate pondering about the colour and flavours

How would it feel on my tongue, look in my belly

Bitter, sweet, bittersweet perhaps? Comforting

Come across a certain page and return to being six years old

And tasting my Grandmother’s banana loaf for the very first time

I didn’t like it but the memory remains as familiar as yesterday

Or bookmarking a page to make for a friend another time

So I can turn any event into a recollection to recall

A fond moment all with its own taste, smell, texture

Many recipes will never get made but merely kept to inspire

To tip my renowned cheesecake recipe into the awe-inducing

Give the melt in your mouth dessert a halo of deliciousness

So when I’m asked for my secrets I’ll muse and say a stroke of genius

When in reality I owe it all to the greats, the cooks who came before me

The pioneers of good taste and the experimenters of flavour

The unknowns on the internet and the published Gods of cuisine

I thank you all and my hungry followers thank you in turn too.

Little Ginge x


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